• IOGT perceives its mission in creating and adopting innovative solutions and technologies, in rendering scientific and engineering services, and providing Russian and international oil and gas companies with highly efficient support in the area of geological and geophysical assistance to the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, technical diagnostics (integrity assessment), industrial safety expert review of equipment and structures of the oil and gas industry.
  • The equipment and technologies developed by IOGT (including in cooperation with partners) help address top-priority tasks in supporting safe and efficient operating performance of Russian and overseas oil and gas facilities.
  • The strategic goal of IOGT is to evolve as a leader among other Russian oil and gas field service companies through the provision of high-quality services, enhanced performance of operations, use and development of its unique potential in research, technology and innovations.
  • Innovative activities of IOGT are viewed as one of key areas supporting ongoing development of forward-thinking solutions and buildup of competencies in the field of technical diagnostics (integrity assessment), R&D and well logging (geological and geophysical studies) sought by Russian and international energy, oil and gas majors.
  • The Company also carries out operations in other areas related to support of efficient, reliable and safe functioning of oil and gas facilities.
  • Professional and mobile employees ensure effectual operational interaction with partners.
  • The Company has 7 inventions and utility models protected by Russian patents.
  • The Research and Technology Board is functioning in IOGT in accordance with Federal Law No. 127-FZ of August 23, 1996, “On Science and State Research and Technology Policy.”